June 14, 2024

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Strip glass is provided either coarse or fine annealed form cut to length. Types of strip glasses include:

  • Environmentally friendly (ECO glass)
  • Low softening point (Low Tg glass)
  • UV High Transmittance
  • Non-ECO

Strip glass dimensions are typically 20mm by 120mm by 360mm. The following table provides a list of the available strip glasses:

Series Group CDGM TYPE (ECO Friendly) CDGM TYPE (Non-ECO Friendly)
Fluor Crown (FK) H-FK61
Light Crown (QK) H-QK1,H-QK3, H-QK3L
Crown (K) H-K2, H-K3, H-K5, H-K6, H-K7, H-K9, H-K9L, H-UK9L, HK10, H-K11, H-K12, H-K16, H-K50, HK51, H-K51A K1, K4A, K8
Phosphate Crown (PK)
Barium Crown (BaK) H-BaK1, H-BaK2, H-BaK3, H-BaK4, HBaK5, H-BaK6, H-BaK7, H-BaK8 BaK7, BaK9, BaK11
Dense Crown (ZK) H-ZK1, H-ZK2, H-ZK3, H-ZK4, H-ZK5, H-ZK6, H-ZK7, H-ZK8, H-ZK9A, H-ZK10, H-ZK10L, H-ZK11, H-ZK14, H-ZK15, H-ZK19, H-ZK20, H-ZK21, HZK50 ZK51
Lanthanum Crown (LaK) H-LaK1, H-LaK2, H-LaK3, H-LaK4L, HLaK5A, H-LaK6A, H-LaK7, H-LaK8A, H-LaK10, H- LaK11, H-LaK12, HLaK50, H-LaK50A, H-LaK51, HLaK52, H-LaK53A, H-LaK54, HLaK61, H-LaK67
Crown Flint (KF) H-KF6 KF1, KF2, KF3, KF6
Light Flint (QF) H-QF1, H-QF3, H-QF6, H-QF8, H-QF14, H-QF50, H-QF56 QF1, QF2, QF3, QF5, QF6, QF8, QF9, QF11, QF14, QF50, UQF50, QF56
Flint (F) H-F1, H-F4, H-F13, H-F51 F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F12, F13, F51
Barium Flint (BaF) H-BaF3, H-BaF53 BaF1, BaF2, BaF3, BaF4, BaF5, BaF6, BaF7, BaF8, BaF51
Dense Barium Flint (ZBaF) H-ZBaF3, H-ZBaF5, H-ZBaF16, H-ZBaF20, H-ZBaF21, H-ZBaF50, H-ZBaF52 ZBaF1, ZBaF2, ZBaF4, ZBaF8, ZBaF11, ZBaF13, ZBaF15, ZBaF17, ZBaF18, ZBaF51
Dense Flint (ZF) H-ZF1, H-ZF2, H-ZF3, H-ZF4, H-ZF5, H-ZF6, H-ZF7LA, H-ZF10, H-ZF11, H-ZF12, H-ZF13, H-ZF50, H-ZF52A ZF1, ZF2, ZF3, ZF4, ZF5, ZF6, ZF7L, ZF7LHT, ZF8, ZF10, ZF11, ZF12, ZF13, ZF14, ZF50, ZF51, ZF52
Lanthanum Flint (LaF) H-LaF1, H-LaF2, H-LaF3, H-LaF4, H-LaF6LA, H-LaF7, HLaF8, H-LaF9, H-LaF10L, H-LaF50A, H-LaF51, H-LaF52, HLaF53, H-LaF54, H-LaF62
Dens Lanthanum Flint (ZLaF) H-ZLaF1, H-ZLaF2, H-ZLaF3, H-ZLaF50B, H-ZLaF51, H-ZLaF52, HZLaF53A, H-ZLaF55A, H-ZLaF56A, HZLaF66, H- ZLaF68, H- ZLaF75
Titanium Flint (TiF) TiF2, TiF3, TiF4
Special Flint (TF) TF1, TF3, TF4, TF5, TF6
Low Softening Glass D-K9, D-K9L, D-K59, D-ZK2, D-ZK2L, D-ZK3, D-LaK5, D-LaK6, D-LaK70, D-ZBaF58, D-ZF10, D- LaF050, D-LaF53, D-LaF79, D-ZLaF52A, D-ZLaF52LA
UV High Transmitance H-UK9L, UQF50, ZF7LHT