July 13, 2024

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H-PZ33 Low Expansion Glass

H-PZ33 is a low expansion borosilicate glass characterized by high light transmittance, excellent thermal stability, excellent mechanical hardness, and excellent chemical durability. H-PZ33 has become the glass of choice for MR11 reflectors, MR16 reflectors, UHP lamps, parabolic aluminized reflectors, telescope mirrors, and any application where a low coefficient of thermal expansion is called for.

H-PZ33 Physiochemical Properties
Refractive index (nd) 1.47200
Dispersion (nF- nC) 0.00719
Coefficient of Linear thermal expansion (x10-6/°C) 3.25
Thermal conductivity (W/(m * °C)) 1.14
Average thermal capacity (KJ/ (kg * °C)) 0.83
Maximal operation temperature (°C)
Short Term
Long Term
Thermal stability

Density (g/cm3) 2.23
Elastic modulus E (kN/mm3) 64
Hardness (HK) 480
Poission's Ratio 0.2
Climatic resistance (ISO - 719 - HGB) Grade 1
Acid resistance Grade 1
Alkali resistance Grade 1
Melting temperature (°C) 1680
Working Point (°C) 1252
Softening Point (°C) 820 ± 10
Annealing Point (°C) 560 ± 10
Stress Point (°C) 510 ± 10
Surface Tension (dyn/cm) 340-350 (1252 °C)
Dielectric constant (1MHz, 20°C) 4.6
Dielectric loss (1MHz, 20°C) 37 x 10-4
Dielectric strength (50MHz, 25°C) Kv/mm 16
Color Code (λ5/λ80) 297.6/337.2
Volume Sensitivity (log ρ)

Environmental Protection Pb < 50 ppm
As < 5 ppm
Cd < 5 ppm

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